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Apply for regularisation

How to get your building work approved if the work is already complete.

If you have already carried out work and were then advised that you need approval this is the application you need to use.  


It is possible to apply to us for a Regularisation Certificate for completed works. This applies to any work carried out after 11 November 1985. The application should include: 

  • the application form 
  • a plan of the unauthorised work 
  • details of any corrective work required to comply with the regulations 
  • the relevant fee 


An amount is payable equal to 140% of the Building Notice Charge (exclusive of VAT). See the fees page for full details of charges.  

What happens next 

We need to ensure the works comply with Building Regulations. We may ask you to: 

  • open up the work for inspection 
  • do tests 
  • take samples 

Following a site inspection, we will notify you of any required remedial work. You need to complete this work before we can issue a regularisation certificate. If the building work is compliant, we will issue the certificate. 

The certificate is evidence that you complied with the requirements of the Building Regulations in force at the time when you completed the works. It is not conclusive evidence.