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Notify us of a demolition

How to tell us you are planning to knock down the whole or part of a building in Torbay.

If you intend to demolish the whole or part of a building, you need to inform us. This is subject to certain exemptions. Legally you should not start any demolition work unless you have notified us.  

Notification of a demolition is not required where: 

  • The building is less than 1750 cubic feet measured externally. This is approximately 50 cubic metres. 
  • The demolition is of an internal part of any occupied building which will remain occupied. 
  • The building is a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage. Even if the building forms part of a larger building. 
  • Certain agricultural buildings. This is unless it is near or touching another building that is not an agricultural building. 
  • A demolition order under the Housing Act 1985 has been served.  


Your notification must specify:  

  • the building to which it relates 
  • the area of demolition 

You can notify us by:  

You must also send a copy of the notification to the occupiers of adjacent buildings and utility providers. 


There is no fee for this type of notification 

Counter notice 

Once you have sent us notification we will send you a counter notice. setting out requirements on how the demolition is to be undertaken. 

We will also send copies of this counter notice to: 

  • The local gas supplier 
  • The local electric supplier 
  • The local water supplier 
  • The Fire Safety Service 
  • Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 
  • Planning 
  • Any adjacent occupiers 

The counter notice issued is not related to Planning Permission or Conservation Area Consent. You should contact planning to check if you also need planning permission. 

If you need to erect a hoarding to separate demolition works from the street you will need to apply for a licence from Highways.