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Do I need building regulations

Find out when you need to apply for building regulations.

The regulations apply to any building work so you need to apply before proceeding. The definition of building work is within the Building Regulations. In general terms, it covers:

  • the erection and/or extension of any type of building (with certain exemptions)
  • the installation of works and fittings. This includes new waste appliances, new drainage and heating appliances etc
  • alterations to the structure of a building
  • work affecting means of escape in case of fire or access for disabled

Building work does not cover repair items. Things which you may think of as a repair are not considered exempt under the regulations. These will need an application. Examples of this are:

  • underpinning
  • recovering roofs
  • replacing ceilings
  • renovating walls

The following works also need an application. This can either be by the homeowner or by a member of an accredited self-certification scheme:

  • replacement windows
  • domestic electrical installations
  • the installation of gas, oil fired or wood-burning appliances

Should you have any doubts, please contact us, it may save you considerable problems in the future.