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Apply building notice application

How to make a building notice application for building regulations for your project.

This procedure allows you to carry out building work without submitting full plans. The person doing the work must have full knowledge of the Building Regulations. We will put greater emphasis on inspecting the work. It is likely that we will make more frequent and more detailed inspections.  

A building notice is best suited to minor works. It can only be used for domestic buildings. If you are thinking of using a building notice for other building types please contact us. Do this before giving notice.  


When submitting a building notice application you should include:  

  • a completed application form 
  • the appropriate charge 
  • in the case of a new building or an extension, a location/block plan to a scale of 1:125

Please call 01803 208095 if you have any queries


The charge payable is the sum of the plan and inspection charge. This is payable when the Building Notice is given. 

Once the application has been registered and the applicable fee determined a card payment link will be emailed through to the client/applicant. If you have any queries please make contact via email or telephone 01803 208095

What happens next 

When we receive the notice and the correct fee, we will issue a building notice acceptance letter. This does not give prior approval of your proposals. This means this process has its disadvantages. 

  1. You or the builder have no approved plans to work to. The inspecting officer will try to anticipate problems. Delays and costly remedial works may be necessary if the work carried out does not comply.  
  2. You may find that without plans you and your builder have different ideas. This may be about detail and or design issues outside of the Building Regulations. Enforcement of a contract between you may be difficult.  
  3. The estimate the builder gives you may prove inaccurate without a full design. 

More information on what to include with the application is on the back of the form.