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About us

Find out about the Building Control service in Torbay and how it can help you on your project.

Building Regulations are the minimum standards laid down by Parliament. They secure the health and safety of people in or near buildings. They ensure:  

  • functional requirements and standards for the design and construction of buildings 
  • the provision of services and fittings 
  • the conservation of fuel and power 
  • access facilities 

Do not confuse Building Regulation consent with Planning Permission. Often you will need both types of consent. Torbay Building Control administers the councils’ duties set out in:  

  • the Building Act 1984  
  • other relevant building legislation 

We provide a service to our customers. We work with designers and contractors to achieve compliance.  


What we do 

We administer and professionally apply building regulations. We make sure domestic and commercial works are safe, healthy and high performing. These building works may include: 

  • new buildings 
  • conversions 
  • renovations 
  • extensions  

Detailed regulations cover specific topics including:  

  • structural integrity 
  • fire protection 
  • accessibility 
  • energy performance 
  • acoustic performance 
  • protection against falls 
  • electrical and gas safety 

They also lay standards for:  

  • drains 
  • ventilation 
  • protection against the ingress of water 
  • protection against contamination including methane and radon gas 

The Building Control service has three main areas of operation: 

  • the Building Regulation function 
  • other statutory functions, such as dealing with dangerous structures and demolitions etc 
  • other related work, such as safety at sports grounds and events etc 


Five reasons why we give you peace of mind 

Being a local authority service, we are independent. Our advice is always impartial. We can give fast support to any of our customers. We work with: 

  • planners
  • conservation officers 
  • access officers 
  • fire services 
  • highways 
  • other organisations who we need input from

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ service. We offer competitive fees and do a good job. We are always there, even when things get difficult or the unexpected happens. We aim to ensure that standards are well-defined and easy to apply. Through our member organisation, LABC, we work with: 

  • manufacturers 
  • trade bodies 
  • professional institutions 
  • other recognised bodies  

We provide training and advice including:  

  • free guidance 
  • CPD and training events to help educate and improve the work of our customers 
  • help and advice direct to domestic and commercial companies