Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 10 October 2023 5.30 pm, The Oldway Mansion and Grounds Steering Group (Working Party)

Venue:   Zoom Meeting - Virtual (meeting joining details can be found on the agenda frontsheet or agenda reports pack)

Contact:    Lorraine Stewart

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Yvette Ball Officer In attendance
Councillor Adam Billings Committee Member Present
David Blanchard Officer In attendance
Anne-Marie Bond Officer Expected
Iris Butler Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Darren Cowell Guest In attendance
Alan Denby Officer In attendance
Tim Eley Committee Member In attendance
Emma Falconer Officer In attendance
Louise Gilson Committee Member In attendance
Kathy Hughes Committee Member In attendance
Mary Jenkins Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Cat Johns Committee Member Present
Jo Jones Committee Member In attendance
Councillor Barbara Lewis Committee Member Present
Councillor Chris Lewis Chairman Present as substitute
Councillor Katya Maddison Chairwoman Apologies, sent representative
Liam Montgomery Officer Expected
Colleen Moon Committee Member Expected
Lorraine Stewart Clerk In attendance
Councillor Ras Virdee Committee Member Present
Joe While Officer Apologies