If you have a disability you may need to make changes to your home to make parts of it more accessible, and generally make life easier and more comfortable.

This type of work might include making changes so that it’s easier and safer for you to:

  • Get in and out of the property including the garden.
  • Get in and out of a specific room (this may include the installation of a stairlift for example).
  • Having accessible bathing and toilet facilities.
  • Prepare and cook food.

Depending on your income and the amount of any savings you have, you may be able to get a disabled facilities grant to help you make changes to your home.

As the grant is means tested you will need to be able to prove your income and your household savings and investments. There is a waiting list and grants will be prioritised to the people who need them the most. Depending on your income, you may need to pay towards the cost of the work to the property.


To apply for disabled facilities grant you can:

  • Contact the Grant Referral Co-ordinator at the Care Trust on telephone 01803 219700.
  • Ask your Doctor to make a referral for on your behalf. You will need an assessment from an Occupational Therapist.


If you have been unsuccessful in your application for a disabled facilities grant and you are unhappy with the decision you can make an appeal using our complaints system.

If you appeal and you’re still not happy, you can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman Opens in a new window.