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Dog Fouling

Most dog owners are very responsible and do pick up after their pets, but a small group of people choose to ignore the rules. Dog owners are required to pick up after their dogs and dispose of the faeces in a safe manner. Any council litter bin can be used to dispose of bagged faeces.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notices can be issued by a Dog Warden, a Street Warden or a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in Torbay.
Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued where evidence is obtained proving an owner has failed to pick up after their dog
The majority of FPNs issued are to dog owners who fail to pick up after their dog because they weren’t keeping a close eye on their dog and they did not see it foul.  There is no excuse if you did not see the dog foul.
It is, therefore, important to ensure that you keep a close eye on your dog whilst you are walking it, particularly while it is off its lead.  Even if it has already fouled, it is not unusual for dogs to defecate a number of times whilst out for a walk.  

Is there a right of appeal?

No - A Fixed Penalty Notice is a ticket which means that the person receiving it has to pay a charge. If the person refuses to pay the charge they can be taken to court and the court may then decide to make them pay even more money or prosecute them.The maximum fine for dog fouling is £1000.
The Fixed Penalty Notice charge for dog fouling in Torbay is £75. If the charge is paid within 7 days, there is a £25 reduction.
Those dog owners that bag the mess but don't bin it (for example they dispose of the bag in a hedge, a tree or a garden and by doing so are littering) could face a maximum penalty of £2,500 in court, as this constitutes an offence of littering

Top Tips

Report It

TOR2 will remove any dog waste from council land.
When reporting think about the following:

Report - Dog Fouling

We cannot investigate every complaint but will use the data we receive as a means of targeting our patrols to enforce this issue.

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