If you have received a bill for 2017/2018 which is for a higher amount than you were expecting, this could be due to a transitional adjustment. You can find information and examples of how it is calculated on our transitional adjustment page.

If you receive a summons please contact us as soon as possible for advice.

The magistrates’ court cannot make a repayment arrangement; this can only be agreed with us. It will be quicker and cheaper to resolve any issues with us before the court date.

If you pay the outstanding balance in full before the court date then you will not become liable to pay any additional court costs.

If you have received a summons in respect of unpaid business rates you have lost the automatic right to pay by instalments. However we may still allow you to spread the cost but you must contact us to make a payment arrangement.

If you have a query about paying your business rates then please contact us or seek independent legal advice.

If you do not pay in full before the court date then the court will issue a liability order against you for non-payment of business rates.