We are carrying out a review of households that receive a single person discount. This is to ensure that residents are paying the correct amount of Council Tax.

There are currently 18,500 residents in Torbay who qualify for the 25% single person discount and who are not in receipt of either Council Tax Support or Working Age Council Tax Reduction. These residents will be contacted by letter.

The letter asks them to complete an online form confirming whether they are still entitled to the discount or if there has been a change to the number of people aged over 18 living in their home.

It is important that everyone who receives a letter completes the online form, whether their situation has changed or not.

The letter will indicate the date that the form must be completed by. Failure to complete the form will result in the discount being removed from 1 April 2024 and a revised Council Tax bill will follow with higher instalments to pay.

Those who need support completing the form online should try asking a friend or family member to help. Alternatively, support is available from the Council by calling 01803 207201.

The full review is expected to take four months. All relevant households should receive their letters in the post by the end of October.

Residents who have the single person discount and receive Council Tax Support or Working Age Council Tax Reduction are not part of this review and will not receive a letter.

Cllr Alan Tyerman, Cabinet Member for Housing and Finance for Torbay Council said: “This review of Council Tax single person discounts will help ensure that our records are up to date and households are being billed correctly. It is important that everyone pays the correct amount of Council Tax so that we can provide vital services across the Bay.

‘‘Anyone who receives a letter as part of this review should complete the online form. The form will ask you to make a declaration about the number of people residing in the property who are aged over 18. You must complete the form whether your living situation has changed or not.’’

We are required to carry out a regular review of Council Tax accounts where a single person discount has been awarded under the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

To find out more about the Council Tax single person discount review visit Single Person Discount (SPD) Review - Torbay Council

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