Today is Carers’ Rights Day, when unpaid carers are recognised for the important role they offer their loved ones.

Many people looking after relatives don’t recognise themselves as carers and as a result, may miss out on the financial and emotional help that is available.

Today is all about raising awareness of their rights and entitlements, so they can get the help they may need.

Torbay Carers’ Service works locally to support unpaid carers and encourages people to take a carers’ self-assesment to determine what support they may be able to claim.

Carers who join Torbay Carers’ Service’s Signposts for Carers can apply for a Torbay Carers’ Passport / Emergency Card, which offers discounts with a range of local organisations and businesses, emergency back-up planning and free hospital parking when supporting the person that you care for.

Many organisations now offer a more flexible approach to working for employees who are carers and new rights are in the pipeline, including a legal right to request up to five days unpaid leave every twelve months.

Workers can also ask their employer for changes to their working hours, times of work and place of work from day one. 

We recently ran a survey of our staff who are carers to understand their needs. Flexibility and being able to provide leave at short notice are the most valued forms of support, along with having supportive managers.

We also have a Carers’ Support policy in place and access to dedicated carers’ resources and information.

Carers' Aid Torbay runs a cost-of-living service called Carers Choices, linked with Bay Benefits. Go to the Carers Aid Torbay website or call 07873 484688.

Councillor Hayley Tranter, Cabinet Member for Adult and Community Services, Public Health and Inequalities, said: “We’re committed to continuing to recognise and support carers, whether that’s our employees or the wider Torbay community.

“Carers’ friends and families rely on them for their day-to-day care and it’s important this help is acknowledged. Supporting carers is one of the priorities in our Health and Wellbeing strategy 2022-26.

“I am an unpaid carer, so I understand the challenges that carers face. I’ve also experienced the rewards of Torbay carers’ services and I’ve worked within the sector in various roles. This is something that drives my passion to support carers and identify those who may not even realise they are a carer.”


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