A spokesperson for Torbay Council said: “We are always happy to discuss any consultations or proposals with our residents and following a request to discuss our climate consultation a meeting has been arranged for 31 January with a small group of people – however, we should clarify that this meeting is not a public meeting.

“We are aware of flyers being circulated that refer to the meeting and also to ’15 minute cities’ which suggest wrongly that there are plans to restrict freedom of movement.

“We want to state clearly on record that the information on this flyer is incorrect and that the Council has absolutely no plans to impose restrictions on movement, either now or in the future.

“We do want to carry out an audit of local neighbourhoods to look at what is accessible to residents within 20 minutes of their home by walking, cycling or wheeling (including wheelchairs and mobility) or public transport – this will help us make future decisions about planning and transport matters, as well as supporting investment in the right areas where more facilities are needed. This is about improving choice for residents though, not restricting freedoms.”

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