Regular users of our car parks are being encouraged to buy an annual off-peak parking permit and make big savings.

The permit allows the holder to park between 3pm and 10am in 30 car parks across Torbay for £65 a year, which works out at just £1.25 a week.

For someone who uses a car park on a regular basis, there are great savings to be made.

For example, a driver who parks in the Town Hall car park for two hours every Saturday to do some late afternoon shopping or meet friends, will pay £2.50 for two hours. Over 50 weeks, this works out at £125. Buying a £65 parking permit would save them £60 a year.

Because the permit can be used in the evening, it’s also an attractive option for people who want to enjoy a night out in our town centres or people employed in the night-time economy who need to drive to work.

For example, someone who parks in Beacon Quay will pay £9.50 (for up to 17 hours). If they work four evenings a week, they will be spending £38 a week in parking charges. Over four weeks, that’s £152. Buying an annual permit would save £87 in one month alone.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture, said: “The off-peak permit is ideal for both early birds or those who regularly use their car in the late afternoon or evenings.

“Whether you’re going for an early morning dog walk or swim, doing some shopping, heading out for an evening, working a late shift or visiting one of our wonderful beaches with the kids after school, investing in an off-peak parking permit may be just what you’re looking for.

“With the cost of fuel so high right now, running a car is expensive for motorists. This is on top of rises in the general cost of living. We hope this annual off-peak permit gives people who rely on their car a cost-effective option.”

It’s also more convenient for drivers who have a permit. Because the permit is virtual, when they arrive at the car park, they can just park their vehicle and go.

There’s no need to waste time looking for change, logging on to parking apps or getting tickets out of the pay and display machine.

The permit can be used in all Torbay Council car parks except the pay on exit car park at Lower Union Lane.

If an annual off-peak car park permit isn’t suitable, others are available.

Find out more and apply for a permit.

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