Thank you to residents for your patience with delays to collections after Christmas and new year.  

If residents have not yet had their recycling collected on time, please continue to leave it out and the crews from SWISCo will collect it as soon as possible.  

The SWISCo waste and recycling team are currently experiencing a staff shortage as members of the team are currently self-isolating due to COVID-19.  

SWISCo crews and recycling managers are working to the best of their ability to return collections to the normal scheduled day, but residents are reminded to be mindful of the delays.  

The managers are working alongside crews on the ground to help collect, as well as shuttling empty vehicles to replace the Romaquips to help speed up collections.  

SWISCo aim to have collections returned to normal by the end of the week.  

Residents are reminded that if you have been affected by the delay to please continue to leave containers in the usual collection spot and crews will collect as soon as possible.  

To assist SWISCo with speedier collections residents are reminded to:  

  • Sort recycling – it is 75% quicker to collect sorted boxes compared to unsorted.  
  • Squash it – rinse and squash tins and plastics to create more space in your boxes 
  • Crush it – Crush your cardboard  
  • Bring it to the recycling centre – if following Christmas and New Year, residents have a large volume of, for example large cardboard boxes or glass bottles, book a slot and bring it to the Recycling Centre. 

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