SWISCo, a Torbay Council company, have recently taken delivery of a new HAKO Sweeper, citymaster 1650 to add to the fleet of street cleansing vehicles across Torbay.

The sweeper offers many features which will help improve street cleansing across Torbay. The small turning circle and articulated steering means this sweeper will be able to access almost all areas of outdoor cleaning across Torbay.

The new and improved technology within the vehicle will be beneficial and more efficient for SWISCo street cleansing operatives. The broom head can be adjusted to a variety of inclinations, and angles for better gutter cleaning. The compact design offers excellent maneuverability, and the full chassis will mean footpaths with high kerbs are easier to access. This new machine not only sweeps but is also a scrub deck wash system.

The health and safety of employees is very important and the new sweeper is built with safety and comfort in mind. Including many great features to make winter cleaning more comfortable for the operatives.

As part of our plan to tackle climate change we are working towards becoming a carbon neutral council. This new vehicle will help to reduce Torbay’s carbon footprint by complying with the requirements of the Euro V emission standard which sets stricter limits on emissions on non-road engines and equipment.

This new vehicle will be an asset to SWISCo and keeping Torbay tidy this winter and beyond.

Councillor Steve Darling, leader of Torbay Council said: “A number of traders in our town centres have highlighted the need to up our game around street cleansing in our towns. This new piece of kit for our SWISCo teams will help us raise the bar of cleanliness for our town centres”

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member of Infrastructure, Environment and Culture for Torbay Council said: “This vehicle will be a fantastic asset for the SWISCo street cleansing team. The new HAKO sweeper will offer many benefits to the cleaning of Torbay. The operatives of the new vehicle will be able to work safely and comfortably throughout the winter and across the year, keeping Torbay tidy”

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