We are introducing charges for building and some other waste at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Tor Park Road, Paignton.

This means from 4 January 2021, we will be charging for materials such as rubble, plasterboard, paving slabs, windows and doors, at the Recycling Centre, which is run by SWISCo, a company wholly owned by Torbay Council which is now responsible for delivering a range of frontline services in Torbay.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture for Torbay Council, said: “This brings us in line with many other local authority areas who already charge for building waste.

“It's all part of our Resource and Waste Strategy which aims to increase recycling rates from 40% to 50% over the next two to three years and also includes the introduction of kerbside garden waste collections, an education and communication programme to promote recycling, and a trial of three weekly residual waste collections to encourage recycling (a similar scheme in East Devon increased their recycling rate from 46% to 60%).”

Many authorities including councils in Devon and Cornwall already charge for these materials, with

Plymouth also introducing similar charges from January 2021.

Waste charges
Type of waste Minimum charge

Clean plasterboard: Includes plaster and gypsum related products.

£4.89 per sheet/bag (but £8.96 per sheet/bag for plasterboard with other materials attached such as tiles etc).

Plastic window, door or door frame: With or without glass. Single pane window only (double charge for multiple pane plastic windows). Single door or door frame only (double charge for double door or door + frame combined).

£4.12 each

Soil, rubble and tiles: Includes bricks, blocks, slates, tiles, rubble, paving slabs, concrete, gravel, tarmac, stones, soil, sand, hardcore and sanitary ware (ceramic toilets, sinks, pedestals etc).

£2.47 per bag/item

Tyres: Commercial and agricultural vehicle tyres will not be accepted. No charge for bicycle tyres.

£4.12 per tyre (Maximum of 5 tyres per visit)

All DIY plastic: Plastic pipes, guttering, facia, soffit, skirting, cladding, loose plastics etc.

£4.12 for up to 5 lengths/pieces

Bath or shower tray (plastic, fibreglass or composite): Single bath or shower tray only.

£4 each

Shower screen: Plastic or glass shower screen/enclosure.

£4 each

Insulation materials: 1 sheet or 1 bag.

£4.12 per sheet/bag

Roofing felt

£4.12 per bag/roll

Water tanks, panels, roofing sheets, sheets, plastic sanitary ware etc.

£4.12 each

Asbestos: bonded asbestos only. Please note that asbestos must be double wrapped in tough plastic and completely sealed. Site staff will not be able to assist with loading asbestos into the skip. There is a maximum sheet size of 10ft (3m) x 4.5ft (1.5m).

£11.12 per sheet/bag (Maximum of 4 sheets/bags per visit)

Please note: Where an item is priced ‘per bag’, this must be a bag that can be easily carried by one person.

How to pay

You will need to bring a debit or credit card with you to the Recycling Centre where a member of staff will help you pay.

How to book an appointment

You will need to book an appointment via our Recycling Centre webpage.

For more information on recycling visit our Recycling webpages.

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