Following the announcement that the Torbay Community Development Trust (TCDT) was suspending the operation of the number 60 and 65 bus services from Saturday 8 December, Torbay Council has been working hard with other operators to try and ensure that the bus services can be maintained.

Torbay Council is very pleased to announce that one of the two suspended routes will continue to operate without a break in service. DJ Watts Coach Travel Ltd T/A Torbay Mini Buses has registered the 60 bus route, previously operated by the TDCT. The buses will carry the recognisable branding of Torbay Buses.

Torbay’s Elected Mayor Gordon Oliver said: “I am extremely pleased that Torbay Mini Buses has taken over the operation of the 60 bus route. This follows a decision I made to work with local operators to try and find a solution to continue these bus services, which are vital for the residents who use them.”

Cllr Robert Excell, Executive Lead for Community Services, said: “I am delighted to hear about this news. To have one of our existing operators looking at additional routes and also bringing fresh ideas to the service is a good thing and I wish them well. This is a good day for bus users of this route.

“The 60 is a vital route for the residents of Paignton and many would be left isolated without this service. Torbay Buses has worked hard over the past few weeks to put this route together and I have supported them every step of the way.”

Darren Watts, Managing Director of DJ Watts Coach Travel Ltd T/A Torbay Mini Buses, said: “It is intended that there will be no break in service. The first day of operation for Torbay Buses on the 60 route will be from Monday 10 December.

“In order to ensure viability, we have registered a Monday to Friday route between Paignton and Livermead/Occombe, on an hourly service between 9.30pm and 3pm, and hope to grow passenger numbers and make this a successful part of our business. We had the full support of Torbay Council and the TCDT to register this route and are very grateful for their continuing help and advice.”

While the service will no longer visit Torquay, connection with existing bus services may be made via the Paignton bus station, allowing passengers greater flexibility to travel around the Bay.

Unfortunately, no companies have currently come forward with proposals to run the existing TCDT 65 route and council officers will continue to work with operators in an effort to fill any gaps left in the network.

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