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Empty homes surveys results

We asked home owners and residents to complete a survey about their views about empty homes

In 2021 we declared a housing crisis to address our local housing issues. Many people are struggling to afford private rented accommodation or to buy a home. There is a clear shortage of affordable housing in Torbay.

Both the Local Plan and Housing Strategy went out for public consultation at the end of 2022. Goals were set to meet housing targets and at the same time protect the environment. Over a quarter of responses said that we need to tackle empty homes.

In February 2023 a wider communication strategy began. This was a campaign to raise awareness of the work going on to bring empty homes back into use. Letters were sent to 250 owners of homes that have been empty for over 2 years.

The month-long campaign addressed the urgent need for housing in the Bay. This included:

  • urging empty homeowners to take action
  • providing information on help that is there for owners of empty properties
  • asking both residents and owners their views on empty homes

Residents survey

We asked residents and visitors to complete a survey about their views on empty homes. We also asked to what extent they thought the Council should get involved. 


Owners’ survey

We asked owners to complete a survey. This included asking about:

  • their experience of owning an empty home
  • what problems they were experiencing
  • what would help to bring homes back into use


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