Shakespeare's classic drama of ambition, power and fate, first thought to be performed in 1606, is now brought to life in a dramatic new adaptation performing the original text,  set in a post-World War 3, near-future wasteland.

Performed by a professional cast of locally based actors including cast members who have recently moved to Torbay from Los Angeles, this production will come to Torquay Museum. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's best known dramas, alongside King Lear, Othello, Hamlet, and Romeo & Juliet. It tells the tale of a Scottish war hero, who, tempted by ambition and power, and supernatural whisperings, begins a series of murders, to take and hold the throne.  Returning home from war, Macbeth encounters three mysterious women, whose prophecy of kingship, sets in motion his ambition, and ultimately his fall into madness and blood.....

This production design combines the dark aftermath of a nuclear WW3,  the exotic of the supernatural, and dramatic lighting, with immersive soundscapes to create Macbeth's world in a new vision of the drama.

Time 7:30pm | 2:30pm Matinee on 19 January

Cost Adults £8 | Children £7 | Concessions £7


Phone 01803 415987