The latest news on what is happening in Torbay

Tackling climate change is one of our key priorities and we are committed to doing all we can in Torbay to help save our planet. We’re implementing a range of measures, such as helping people to recycle more. As you will see below we are also planting more trees and clamping down on environmental crime. Together we can create a greener Bay.

Sustainable tree planting

As part of Torbay Council’s ongoing commitment to tackle climate change and improving the local environment, the 2021/22 Budget includes an investment of £150,000 over three years to develop and deliver a major tree planting scheme.

Two of the first projects include the recently announced 150 Giant Redwood trees along Riviera Way, while 37 new Sweet Gum trees will be planted along Shiphay Lane in Torquay.

The species of tree have been deliberately chosen for their long term sustainability as they are able to remove more carbon dioxide from the air over the medium to long term than other species. They are therefore better for the local environment and for future generations.

There are also plans to work much more closely with the local community and to develop a new volunteer Tree Warden scheme later in the spring.

Cleaning up our Streets

A new enforcement team is now helping to clean up the Bay.

Commissioned from Natural Enforcement Solutions, the team has the power to issue fixed penalty notices to anyone committing environmental crimes, bringing us in line with a lot of other local authority areas. The initial focus is on tackling littering, dog control, fly-tipping, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and failure to produce a waste transfer note.

The vast majority of us want to make Torbay a cleaner, greener place to live. This new enforcement team will help us deal with the small number of people who continue to leave a mess behind, and will hopefully deter others.

Have you got your census letter?

We all want Torbay to thrive, so please take part in Census 2021.

This nationwide survey takes place every 10 years and gives the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales. The information will help decide how services in Torbay, like transport and housing, are planned and funded.

Letters, with your unique access codes, will be dropping through your letterbox this month.