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PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) Joint Committee


It is a statutory requirement for Councils undertaking civil parking enforcement to join the Joint Committee in order to access independent adjudication.  The Joint Committee requires councillor nomination.


The agreed primary objectives of the Joint Committees are the provision of:


a)         a fair adjudication service for Appellants including visible independence of adjudicators from the authorities in whose areas they are working;


b)         consistency in access to adjudication;


c)         a cost effective and equitable adjudication service for all Parking Authorities and Bus Lane authorities in England and Wales;


d)         flexibility to deal with a wide range of authorities with varying levels of demand for adjudication.


In addition, the Joint Committee oversees any agreed PATROL initiatives e.g. commissioning Independent Reviews and the provision of public information.

Contact information

Location: Birmingham

Sarah Baxter

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