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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 24th February 2020


All agreed were accurate record



Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


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Matters Arising

·         Future open days


Future open days – Kathy advised that the open days were cancelled due to COVID19 and would like to hold them again in the future. KH advised that she still does not have access to the mansion and KM advised that his understanding was that there were ongoing conversations between the Health & Safety team, TDA and the Trustees. KH advised that she met with the TDA and Dave Walker from H&S team onsite to progress the open days prior to COVID19. KM advised that there will need to be an agreed MOU set up between TC and the Trustees to organise the access for the building. KM advised that he needs this to be set up for insurance liability reasons. After a long discussion it was agreed that it was best for the Trustees to draft a brief MOU to be sent through to the Council.


The proposed AGM for the Friends of Oldway was discussed and KH advised that the maximum amount of people to attend would be 120 and this was discussed previously with H&S and the TDA who were happy with this number.


DC advised that he has just come out of a conference call with Steve Parrock who asked DC to pass on his thanks to the Oldway Gardens Group and Friends Group for keeping the grounds clean and tidy but he has asked when a café or a pop up café will be put on site.  KH advised that the Friends of Oldway want to do a crowd funder to raise money to reopen the tea rooms. CR commented that there was a pre-meeting prior to this meeting and the Trustees are very supportive of the catering idea to get this set up for Oldway in the foreseeable future but there are issues over the amount of money required to carry out the required maintenance and the fire doors to reopen the café. There was a long discussion held over the required works and how the café could be opened without giving access to people to the rest of the mansion. MG commented that he is happy to help with looking into this and provide advice to the Friends of Oldway to have the café open. It was agreed that a site visit should be arranged with DW from H&S and the TDA to look at the possible locations for the café. 



Oldway Gardens Group Update


TE provided an update for the Oldway Gardens Group.


Coronavirus has stopped all works in the gardens. TE has recently carried out some lone working in the gardens. He has written a risk assessment for the volunteers and has sent this through to Torbay Council for agreement.


Last week the bedding plants were planted with sustainable plants.


There has been some works carried out at the bottom of the main lawn to tidy up the areas to start planting there.


There has been some anti-social behaviour again in the grotto area.


There is an increase in dog mess on the grounds.


The plant store is being reopened again to assist with raising funds to go towards garden maintenance.


The tea kiosk that was converted from the old tennis hut is ready to go but is not going to be opened at present with the current pandemic restrictions. TE has contacted the Food Safety team and has the permission to go ahead.   


There is a water leak in the grounds. KM asked for the details in an email with pictures to have this matter resolved. 


DC thanked TE for all continuing works throughout the current situation. 


CM advised that the Civic Society has some funding to go to the Gardens Group to use to replace the trees on the grounds. TE advised he will look into this and get back to CM.


TE advised he has the memorial tree for David Watts and this will be planted in the autumn now due to the recent issues. 


TE asked KM about the fencing round the grotto as it keeps disappearing – KM advised that he believes this is due to youngsters in the grounds removing the fencing. If TE or his volunteers see that the fencing has been removed, if he can let KM/LS know with supporting pictures.



Fundraising for Oldway through Crowdfunder/Torbay scheme


Covered above



Trust Position Update


PH advised that they are still waiting for access to Oldway as discussed above.


PH advised that he has put in a request for the Trust to be able to contact DCA directly for updates on Oldway. As they have not received any further update from TC as with regards to any further work agreed with DCA.


KM advised that DCA are not currently commissioned with Torbay Council with regards to Oldway but he believes there could be some confusion if the Trust start contacting DCA directly as well as officers from Torbay Council as the information may not communicated effectively to KM. KM advised that once DCA are recommissioned by Torbay Council then the Trustees will be kept up to date with any agreement and any funding applications.  



DCA Update


KM advised that he received an email from David Clarke in May and shared this with the Working Party. KM agreed LS can forward the email on to all to view – ACTION- LS


The Heritage Lottery Funding is currently shut down due to the Coronavirus situation so Torbay Council are not able to apply for the Resilience Fund at present until the application process is reopened. 


DC confirmed that Torbay Council are keen for the Resilience Fund application to be progressed so that the proposed plans for Oldway can move forward and this application will include the Trustees.


PH commented that it could be an idea to start to put together the breakdown of the works and funding required for future grant funding applications should any become available and applying for the Resilience Fund. KM provided the information that he had previously received from DCA and advised that he can send this on to PH for his information.  ACTION – KM/LS


DC asked if anyone hears of any other funding sources that can be applied for, whether it is for the grounds or the buildings, to let DC/KM know.





PH advised that he is standing down as Chair of the Friends of Oldway and KH is now the Interim Chair of the Friends of Oldway. It was agreed that KH would be able to sit on the Oldway Working Party to represent the Friends of Oldway and PH would remain on the WP as a Trustee.


CR commented that he has concerns over the TDA looking after the building. KM confirmed that the TDA are tasked with oversight of the building and he receives regular updates of inspections that are taking place and from these urgent works are actioned as and when required. KM advised that structural engineers have recently looked at the flat roof at the end of the ballroom as it was leaking and a contractor has been appointed to resolve this.


KH commented that there is a volunteer who is happy to provide some drone footage of the roof of Oldway at no cost. KH will forward the information on to KM and LS.  ACTION - KH


DC asked for an item to be added to the standard WP agenda – Update from the Friends of Oldway. ACTION - LS