Committee details

The Oldway Mansion and Grounds Steering Group (Working Party)

Purpose of committee

1.           To review any condition surveys for buildings on the site.


2.           To review proposals for use of buildings and grounds.


3.           To ascertain community views in respect of these matters.


4.           To make recommendations about how future use of building should be taken forward.


5.           To identify relevant members from the local community and relevant representatives from the business, public and voluntary sectors to be invited to meetings.


6.           To specify, fully cost and prioritise the works to Oldway as identified in Phase 1 of the DCA report (presented to Council on 21 June 2018).


7.           To explore with the community all potential sources of funding for the entirety of the Phases, including, but not limited to:


·         Grant funding

·         Fund raising events

·         Crowd funding

·         Business opportunities and investment

·         Legacies

·         Philanthropic contributions


8.         To produce a flexible programme of proposed delivery of restoration works which aligns with the availability of funding.


9.         To provide strategic oversight of commissioning and delivery of any restoration works.


Contact information

Support officer: Lorraine Rawles. Email: