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To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 9th December 2019



The minutes stated old gardeners hut but it should have said “old toilet block” - minutes to be amended – Action: LS



Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Not applicable         


Matters Arising

o   Parking proposal and Bowls club

o   Market proposal – reopening of the toilets



Parking proposal and Bowls Club - KM provided an update on a report that will be going to the Parking Panel to formally close the proposal. There is still a plan to put in some coach bays on the approach road and the aspiration to refresh the lining to improve the car park if funding is available and the surface suitable. Parking Services will be liaising with the Bowls Club and Ward Councillors about the proposed plans. MJ commented that the Bowls Club would like the double yellow lines to be repainted in the main driveway. There was a suggestion to introduce a 4 hour limit for parking in the grounds. KM advised he will feedback this to the Parking Operations Panel but all of these matters are subject to available funding.


Market proposal & reopening of the toilets - KM advised that he had recently carried out a visit to Oldway to check on the electrical/alarm works that have been carried out. There is no reason why, through the use of volunteers, that the toilets cannot be tidied-up for use by those visiting on market days. There would need to be enough volunteers to ensure that access is limited and monitored/controlled. KH commented that she has some volunteers from the Friends of Oldway who want to help to refurbish the toilets.


KM handed out some copies of plans provided by the TDA which shows areas that could be made accessible to the public during opening days. KM has asked the TDA to provide costings to have some additional lighting work undertaken and to also check all the fire escapes to ensure they are workable. Action: KM to task the TDA


KM advised that prior to any opening days being agreed by the Council it will be necessary for the organisers to submit risk assessments, etc., which will need to be approved by Council officers. It will also be necessary to agree a protocol with the Oldway Trustees to allow them to have independent access to the building.


KH asked about holding the Friends of Oldway Annual General Meeting at Oldway and to be able to get volunteers to agree to sign up to help with open days etc. DC asked that a proposal is sent through to KM for necessary safety checks to be carried out to ensure that the meeting can be held around the end of February on a Saturday morning. Action: Oldway Trustees




Budget Update


KM issued the latest budget update for all to view. The proposal from Torbay Council is for a working budget from 1st April 2020 of £100,000.



Oldway Gardens Group update


TE provided an update for the Working Party.


TE advised that he has been given the okay to redevelop the old toilet block.


Works will be carried out to the Grotto to secure it and to stop unauthorised access, for safety reasons.


An audit of the walls in the grounds has been carried out with support from a stone mason and in conjunction with the Oldway Trustees. It is intended that works will now be carried out to repair the walls. The Council will need to approve these repairs. Action: TE


TE advised that he has received some enquiries from people who carry out dog training and would like to be able to use one of the old tennis courts to carry out dog training. TE will be discussing this with the Friends of Oldway and the Oldway Trustees to see if this can be agreed. CR advised that TE needs to ensure that this is discussed with the Council’s estates department and the necessary checks are carried out. Action: TE to liaise with the TDA


From 1st February, there will be signs put up requesting dogs to be kept on leads in certain areas of the grounds to try to stop the increased dog fouling.


TE advised that when he arrived at the grounds today, there was a fire alarm going off in the Rotunda building and he was advised by the security team that the fire brigade cannot access the building as it is unsafe. It took a few hours before someone was able to attend to turn the alarm off – Action: KM/LS to investigate


KH advised she is aware of a Tennis Coach who may be able to help with applying for funding for the tennis courts to be reopened again.


PH commented that there needs to be a protocol agreed as to fundraising by the Gardens Group, Friends of Oldway and the Oldway Trustees to ensure that everyone is working to the same process and asked if TE can provide a list of donations/fundraising to date, for the next meeting. Also to work together to arrange any tours around the building and grounds.

Action: TE to fundraising/donations details 



Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for Oldway


The MOU was signed by Kevin Mowat on behalf of Torbay Council and by Paul Hawthorne who is the chair of the Oldway Trust.



Heritage Horizons bid update


DC advised that prior to this meeting, KM & DC held a conference call with David Clarke and Neil Richardson from DCA.


Due to the Heritage Horizons bid not being successful, all of the future works commissioned to DCA are no longer required which will assist with budget savings. DCA can be contacted for advice if required and can be re-engaged again when required.


The next steps are either (1) to wait for the next Heritage Horizons bid process to re-open, but the next round of funding may not be until 2022, or (2) submit a Heritage Lottery Fund bid but there is going to be a bid submitted by Torbay Council for Torre Abbey in May or (3) a bid could be submitted for a Heritage Resilience Grant through HLF for up to £250,000. Option (3) would need to be submitted in April 2020, which could be a joint bid along with the Oldway Trust. This funding can be used to employ a project manager, train the Trustees, develop a business plan and assist with putting in future applications for funding with HLF. DCA can assist with completing the application for the grant. KM advised he would like to invite HLF officers to a meeting to visit Oldway and meet the Oldway Trustees.



Specify Governance arrangements for local Community groups involved


DC advised that he would like to get an organisational chart drawn up for the local community groups involved with Oldway to ensure that good protocols are being followed and good governance is being followed. CR commented that he will prepare a draft proposal and this can be discussed at the next meeting. Action: CR to draft proposals



Trust Position update


CR commented that DCA were going to carry out a skills audit for Trustees to find out what skills would be required for future Trustees - KM/LS will follow this up with DCA.

Action: KM/LS to liaise with DCA



DCA Update


Discussed as above


Update from visit to Insole Court


The feedback from the trip was that it was a very successful and interesting trip for all those who attended.



Any Other Business


Nothing to discuss