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No. Item



To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 11th November 2019


Were agreed as accurate record of meeting held on 11th November 2019.


Exclusion of the Press and Public

To consider passing a resolution to exclude the press and public from the meeting prior to consideration of the following item on the agenda on the grounds that exempt information (as defined in Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) is likely to be disclosed.


Matters Arising

o   Parking proposal and Bowls club

o   Safety concerns for the Grotto

o   Market proposal – reopening of the toilets



Parking Proposal and Bowls Club - KM advised that he and DC met with the BowlsParking Proposal and Bowls Club - KM advised that he and DC met with the Bowls Club. The parking proposal for Oldway consultation will end on Wednesday 11th December and all the feedback received will then be reviewed. A decision will then be made by the Parking Operations Panel as to the proposed introduction of parking charges at Oldway.


Safety concerns for the Grotto - KM advised that there has been some additional fencing panels put in place around the Grotto to assist with the raised safety concerns. TE advised that he has met with a stonemason who is interested in assisting in rebuilding the Grotto.


Market Proposal - reopening of the toilets - This item to be carried forward to the next meeting.





Change the name of the Working Party to "The Oldway Mansion and Grounds Steering Group (Working Party)"


DC and KM advised that they could rename the group ‘The Oldway Mansion and Grounds Steering Group (Working Party)’, if agreeable.


All agreed with the proposed change to name.


Following the meeting, advice has been sought by the Governance Support team that this requires a change to the Constitution and will be taken up with the Torbay Council Monitoring Officer. 


DC raised that the MOU still needs to be signed off between the Council and the Trustees to formalise - KM agreed and was agreed that this will happen shortly.



Budget Update


KM issued the latest budget update.



Oldway Gardens Group


TE provided an update on the works being carried out by the Oldway Gardens Group. DC asked that TE send through any newsletters to LS to attach to the minutes. ACTION - TE/LS


The Old Tennis Kiosk has been repaired and planned to be open next Easter as a Tea Kiosk for donations to the Gardens. CR advised that the Trustees have discussed the idea of having a cafe reopened next year so need to discuss how having both on site would work.


KM asked that TE gains all the necessary consents from Torbay Council from a landlord/tenant and regulatory licensing perspective.


DC highlighted the need to check whether the public liability insurance from Community Partnerships would be able to be used for the Oldway Gardens Group and the Tea Kiosk function.


TE advised that there is a wall in the compound that is falling down and needs attention - KM asked TE to raise this with Neil Coish in Natural Environment. ACTION - TE


TE advised that there are some broken benches which are attracting a lot of antisocial behaviour - KM advised that they can be removed.


TE advised that he has received requests from dog agility groups to use the old tennis court area. It was discussed whether there is a bye law that can be enforced at Oldway in the Gardens for owners walking their dogs off the lead and not picking up dog fouling - KM will speak to the Community Safety team to find out if enforcement can be carried out - ACTION - KM/LS



Trust Position Update


CR advised that a recent meeting was held by the Trustees. A bank account will be opened shortly.


A skill set audit is going to be carried out by DCA to assist with finding the skills required for future trustees ready for applications to be received to expand the Board of Trustees.


DC advised that the Trustees would like to have Oldway reopened for Easter for a day or so a week with volunteers organising. KM confirmed that once a risk assessment has been submitted to the Council and agreed then this can be organised. IB confirmed that Paignton Heritage Society will be happy to assist.


DC advised that the Trust is looking to accept the offer from Fruition to set up a new website for the Trust where update information for Oldway can be posted.



DCA Update


The new timetable for Heritage Horizons is not yet known due to the upcoming General Election. DC believes that there will be an announcement for the shortlisted applicants if not before Christmas then early in the New Year.



Any other business


DC advised that the Trustees are concerned over lighting in the building and ensuring there is adequate lighting for the building to be reopened - KM advised that it would be a good idea for a lighting audit to be carried out - ACTION - KM/LS


KM advised that Graham Heaven from the Oldway Bowls Club declined the invite to join the Working Party but he has provided an alternate contact to join the group.


The proposed trip to Insole Court was discussed for January and LS will email everyone to confirm who would like to attend, so that arrangements can be made - ACTION - LS


TE raised that there is a water leak in the old toilet block, as well as the pond in the gardens which has not yet been fixed as he would like to have the hut painted to be used. KM advised he will speak to the relevant department to have this opened - ACTION KM/LS