An update on the refurbishment of Bank Lane, Brixham toilets and the Changing Places facility in Paignton.

Bank Lane, Brixham

The demolition stage of the work to refurbish the public toilets at Bank Lane, Brixham is coming to an end. The condition of the drainage system was in a very poor state of repair and the construction phase of the work is due to start early next week. It is hoped that the toilet odours will be significantly reduced by this work.

These toilets will be the first in Torbay to be fully integrated, or unisex, under the refurbishment program and will see a pay on entry system where you can use either coins or contactless to pay. There will also be separate disabled facility. The outside of the building will also be refurbished.

The project is on schedule and is estimated for completion in 6 weeks.

Festival Apollo Changing places and Disabled facility

The major demolition works of this facility is nearing completion and the size of the space can now be seen. The new door openings have also been created. Previous works to the building has caused some challenges when it came to altering the ceiling and amendment of the drainage connections but the project is still on schedule with an estimated completion of 5 weeks.

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