We're working with local community groups to determine a new future for the site of Victoria Park’s skate park.

The Paignton skate park has been closed and fenced off since December due to health and safety concerns.

Assessments have concluded that the skate park is beyond repair and to ensure the equipment is not used, SWISCo will begin removing it from next Monday 24 June.

The space will be left as a flat open area for now while community groups establish what the public would like to see there.

The Paignton Town Community Partnership will hold a public meeting next month to discuss possible ideas.

Alan Whytock, Chair of the Paignton Town Community Partnership, said: “This meeting will be a wonderful opportunity for our members and other local interested parties to join in the discussions so we can put forward people’s ideas and suggestions for this space going forward.”

The Paignton Town Community Partnership meeting takes place on Wednesday 10 July at Paignton Baptist Church, Winner Street at 6pm. All are welcome to attend.

Lisa Tuck, Divisional Director Economy, Environment and Infrastructure, and Matt Reeks, Managing Director of SWISCo, will both attend.

Lisa Tuck said: “We received confirmation from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents that the skate park is not safe and our contractors have confirmed that repairing it to a safe standard is not possible.

“Despite the closure, we’re aware that people have been getting through the substantial barriers we have put in place. To avoid the risk of serious harm, we’re removing this equipment. 

“We are working closely with community groups, including the Paignton Town Community Partnership, Torbay Communities and the People’s Parkfield Project to come up with a solution for how this space can be used in future.

“These organisations will be talking to communities about the future of the space, and we’ll provide updates on progress.”

A statement from People’s Parkfield CIC, which runs the skate park at Parkfield, said: “We are sorry to learn that the Victoria Park skatepark is being removed. Currently the skate park at Parkfield may not be a suitable alternative for very young children and we are very happy to contribute to any discussions about what could be done to improve the facilities for children and young people in the Victoria Park area.”

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