We've been allocated more than £50,000 for vapes to support people to stop smoking.

Government funding of £57,000 has been earmarked for the Bay as part of the Swap to Stop scheme to encourage smokers to switch from cigarettes to vapes to improve their health.

Tobacco use remains the largest contributor to premature mortality and is a leading cause of cancer and heart disease.

Vapes provide another option for people who find it difficult to quit. Vapes contain nicotine, but do not contain the carbon monoxide or tar found in cigarettes. So, whilst vapes are not risk free to non-smokers, they are safer for smokers than cigarettes. Vapes are not recommended for use in non-smokers and it is illegal to sell these to anyone under 18 years.

The vapes will be provided alongside behavioural support offered by Your Health Torbay.

Vapes will initially be prioritised to support some groups of people who experience higher rates of smoking, including people with multiple complex needs – for example homeless people and those with drink and drug problems, as well as people working in routine and manual occupations.

However, anyone wanting to quit smoking should contact Your Health Torbay who can help them to access the right support.

Councillor Hayley Tranter, Cabinet Member for Adult and Community Services, Public Health and Inequalities, said: “We welcome this funding into the Bay to help us with our efforts to encourage people to quit smoking.

“If you’ve smoked for a long time and need help giving up, vaping can be a useful tool.

“This funding will help dozens of people on that journey and will be especially beneficial for more vulnerable people in our community who already have complex health and social problems and need that extra support.”

More money will be coming to us in April as part of the national strategy to reduce smoking. This will support more people to stop smoking and our work to reduce underage sales of tobacco.

To find out more about how to quit smoking, contact Your Health Torbay.


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