We have some highway works planned in Preston, Paignton this autumn and early next year. Work will take place in two phases at the Torquay Road junction with Seaway Road and Headland Park Road. The works will include the upgrade of the existing signals equipment to a new intelligent system.

The first phase of works starts on 6 November and is expected to take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. The works will extend the traffic signal ducting at the junction, within the adjacent footpaths. During this first phase, the signals will operate as normal. There will be a single lane closure on the Torquay side of the junction, and a reduction of some parking spaces on the Paignton side. Traffic will flow through the junction as normal. Pedestrians will continue to use the crossing signals with minimal disruption.

The second phase of works is scheduled to start in February 2024. This will include the replacement of all signals' equipment on this junction. In this phase, the junction will operate using temporary signals to ensure the traffic flow disruption is kept to a minimum. The Council will be trialling a new system of intelligent temporary traffic lights. These will mimic the software and vehicle detection of the original signals, effectively operating exactly as the equipment it replaces.

Cllr Adam Billings, Cabinet Member for Pride in Place, Culture & Events and Parking, said: ‘We are undertaking a programme to upgrade its traffic signal installations, which are beyond their serviceable life. The signals at Torquay Road/Seaway Lane/Headland Park Road are among the oldest signals in the Bay and the equipment is starting to deteriorate. New traffic signals will provide more intelligent control systems to assist in keeping traffic and pedestrians moving as efficiently as possible. I can assure residents that all efforts are being put in place to keep disruption to a minimum. The trial of new, state of the art temporary traffic signals will hopefully assist us in this aim. We thank you for your understanding while we make these necessary improvements.’

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