The next phase of works on Brixham Road to widen the junctions to increase traffic flow at Long Road and Goodrington Road in Paignton is due to start on Monday, 25 September, 2023. The works are due to take around 10 weeks and be completed in time for the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, at Windy Corner, a five-week programme of works will be carried out by BT, starting on Monday, 2 October, 2023. This project is to rebuild and lower an equipment chamber in the road. This is needed ahead of major works to add a new southbound lane at the junction which have been put back by a year to mid-September in 2024.

The roadworks on Brixham Road are the latest phases in the necessary improvements to the highways network as a result of the new Inglewood development which was approved by the Planning Inspectorate in April 2021.


Long Road and Goodrington Road

The works at Long Road and Goodrington Road, shown in the plan above, will not be a full road closure. This means traffic management will be in place during the works, with lanes narrowed and closed. This will slow the flow of traffic. The works will change each day as they progress, so the delays will vary accordingly. BT diversion works on the Premier Inn pavement area has already been completed.

The start date and programme have been put back to avoid disruption to South Devon College at the start of the new term. There was a request to start in November. But the September date has been agreed as the best option because waiting until later would increase the risk of weather delays, with a knock-on effect on other planned work in the area, and the traffic management would need to stay in place over the Christmas holiday.

For much of the time two lanes will be available running northbound on Brixham Road. But during service diversion and drainage works taking around four weeks, only one lane northbound will be available. The traffic management will need to be in place during the October half-term for resequencing the traffic lights.

The works at the Goodrington Road junction will take three to four weeks. This will mean a small amendment to the Alan Kerr boundary to maintain security during the works. One lane will be shut at this junction and temporary lights will control access to and from Goodrington Road.


Windy Corner

There are two elements to this project. The first is to rebuild and lower a BT chamber in the road, coloured blue in the plan above, to allow highways works in the future. This is due to start on Monday, 2 October, 2023, lasting for five weeks. A second phase of highways works to improve traffic flows through the junction, originally scheduled for this year, will be delayed for 12 months to mid-September, 2024.

The existing traffic lights will be maintained during the BT works, but the northbound left-hand filter lane to Brixham Road will be closed for the duration of the works. This will slow traffic northbound as vehicles turn into Brixham Road but will not affect other carriageways.

The traffic lights will be optimised to improve the flows through the junction. HGVs will be encouraged to continue north rather than turn left into Brixham Road, and to connect via the Totnes Road where possible to speed up traffic. The developer is exploring working longer hours and weekends to reduce the programme and disruption.

The highways works now planned for mid-September 2024, above, will take 12-14 weeks. They will improve traffic flows by increasing capacity with an extra southbound lane. This requires the traffic islands to be moved. There will be traffic management in place and not a road closure. More information on these works will be provided closer to the start date.

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