We are inviting our residents to take part in a public consultation about if we should renew the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for Hopes Nose and also include Berry Head in this new order as well.

A PSPO is a positive way to help prevent anti-social behaviour and can provide an effective response to some of the issues that residents and businesses face daily.

The PSPO for both sites will help to enforce a range of restrictions, which include:

  • No anti-social behaviour
  • No littering
  • No fires or barbeques or anything similar
  • Catch no more than 20 mackerel
  • Individuals to leave the sites when requested by an authorised officer and not return for 48 hours
  • No camping including no use of tents, shelters etc.
  • No removal or damage or interfere with minerals or rocks

To see the full list of proposed restrictions and to take part in the consultation visit: www.yoursay.torbay.gov.uk/pspo-hopes-nose-and-berry-head

To ensure that the PSPO is reflective of the community's views and concerns, we are urging residents to participate in the consultation process. Your feedback will be used to see if you are in favour or not of putting this proposed PSPO in place.

Councillor Christine Carter, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said, "We want to ensure that Hopes Nose and Berry Head remain beautiful and safe places for everyone to enjoy. The proposed PSPO is intended to address the issues that have been identified in the area by a range of local residents who uses these areas, the Police and the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust."

"I encourage our residents who have an interest in the protection and preservation of Hopes Nose and Berry Head to take part in this consultation. Your feedback is essential in shaping the final PSPO, which will help maintain the area's natural beauty and promote responsible behaviour."

To take part in the consultation visit www.yoursay.torbay.gov.uk/pspo-hopes-nose-and-berry-head and complete the poll and leave any comments. All feedback will be considered and used to shape the final PSPO.

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