Now in its 11th year, LGBTQ+ Adoption & Fostering Week 2023 (Monday 6 March to Sunday 12 March) remains the only campaign to focus on LGBTQ+ people.

LGBTQ+ adoptive parents now represent the second largest group of all adopters in England. In 2022, one in six adoptions were to same-gender couples.

Adopt South West is a partnership of councils (Devon, Somerset, Plymouth and Torbay) working together to make the adoption process quicker and simpler. We want to encourage people who have not considered adoption before to come forward. We are part of the campaign that asks LGBTQ+ people to consider adopting or fostering brothers and sisters, or single children.

Research by the BBC in 2020 found that more than half of sibling groups in care are split up. In some cases, this is because the children need separate care. In others, it’s because of a lack of foster carers or adoptive parents who can care for siblings.

One, two, three or more? is the theme of LGBTQ+ Adoption & Fostering Week 2023 and with record numbers of looked-after children across the UK, there’s never been a greater need for more LQBTQ+ people to consider adoption or fostering.

Matthew and his husband adopted a little boy. They met other adopters who helped with their anxieties. They found the matching process the hardest. “We put ourselves forward for a few children but then we trusted our social worker and he found us our little boy.”

Cllr Steve Darling, Leader of Torbay Council, said; “As someone who was adopted as a baby, I’m always happy to support any initiative that encourages more people to become adoptive or foster parents. There are currently 320 looked-after children in Torbay and 78 fostering households.

“We know that children thrive when they remain in the area that they are familiar with, which is why I’d encourage anyone thinking about adopting or fostering to make that initial contact – giving a child a forever home really is the greatest gift you can give. I am forever grateful to Penny and Eric who adopted me.”

Kath Drescher, Head of Adopt South West, said; “We welcome LGBTQ+ adopters in the South West. Research tells us that children thrive in LGBTQ+ families and at Adopt South West we have some great LGBTQ+ parents, and with great parents come great families for our children.

“There are children all across our region looking for loving homes and many are primary school age children, or brothers and sisters. No matter their background, all they need is their forever family to change their life.

“We want children who haven’t had an equal start in life to have an equal chance in life. Love, time and commitment to a child are three of the most important attributes you can have to adopt a child.

“If you’ve been thinking about adopting, on your own, or with your partner, then we’d love to hear from you and look forward to welcoming more people into our Adopt South West family.”

If you are considering adoption, please contact the Adopt South West team.

LQBTQ+ people can also find out more about their fostering and adoption options on the New Family Social website.

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