We, and particularly our Children’s Services department, are still coming under pressure to respond to the impact that asylum seekers are having in Torbay.  

This has not been helped by the Home Office setting up another hotel in the Bay earlier this week, again without notifying us that this would happen.  

We have sought legal advice and are ready to seek injunctions, depending on the response to questions asked of the Home Office.  A letter has previously been sent to the Home Secretary informing them of the resource and financial impact this is having on our Children’s Services department, due to the number of asylum seekers who are declaring themselves to be under 18. 

Anne-Marie Bond, Chief Executive of Torbay Council said: “We asked for assurance from the Home Office that there would be no further hotels in Torbay, but despite that request, we learnt on Monday 7 November that a further hotel has been stepped up by the Home Office. This was without any prior notification to us.   

“We have today asked, through our solicitors, urgent questions of the Home Office and we stand ready to issue urgent proceedings upon a response from them.  

“The social and economic impacts of these hotels are significant and the pressure that is being put upon our services, especially our Children’s Services department, is profound. With the first hotel alone, we are managing a significant number of residents who are claiming to be under the age of 18 and this is limiting our ability to undertake statutory services for children and young people.”  

This is an evolving situation and as more information is confirmed we will be updating the asylum seekers contingency accommodation page.

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