National Adoption Week takes place in the third week in October every year, this year it takes place from October 17 to 23.

The aim of the week is to improve the level of awareness about adoption, which in turn, aims to find homes for children awaiting adoption. 

We are supporting this national campaign by sharing the messages, which this year focuses on the theme of identity and relationships.

The messages are about recognising the significance of identity for those children who are adopted as they mature into adulthood.

Through the regional adoption agency, Adopt South West - we will also continue to highlight the consistent need for adopters for some of our most vulnerable children.

This week, there will be a series of free online events hosted by You Can Adopt, for adopters and prospective adopters, adopted people and birth parents and sector professionals.

The events are for, or all parties affected by adoption and permanency, including social workers and professionals. 

This year’s new emotional short film brings to life the connections that adopted people make and how their sense of identity has been formed through various connections in their lives. It features four adopted people and will be shared across our social media channels this week.

The aim is to show adoptive people’s lives as a whole life with various chapters, rather than pre and post being adopted, and  raise awareness of the importance of adopted people understanding and knowledge about their life prior to adoption.

Cllr Cordelia Law, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Torbay Council and Chair of the regional adoption agency said, “The best possible gift you can give a child is a safe, happy and stable home.  Torbay Council is committed to working in partnership with Adopt South West, continuing to take a child-centric approach. We are proud to help raise awareness around the important themes of identity and emotional well-being highlighted in this campaign.”

If you are considering adoption, use the Adopt South West ‘Ready to adopt?’ checker to learn more about who can adopt and when the time might be right for you. 

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