Torbay Children’s Services Divisional Director of Safeguarding, Becky Thompson has been recognised as a finalist in the Rising Star category in this year’s Local Government Chronicle Awards.

The annual awards ceremony recognises outstanding achievements in teams and individuals across Local Authorities. This year the LGC Awards will take place on Wednesday 20 July at the Grosvenor House, London.

The Rising Star award is intended to highlight local government’s exceptional professionals and acknowledges the impactful changes they are making, taking difficult decisions and asking important questions.

Becky Thompson began her career in teaching, and it was this hands-on experience in the classroom which brought home in vivid reality, the impact that homelife and other influences such as poverty, addiction and mental health challenges can have on the lives of children and their ability to learn. Her passion and desire to make a difference led her to undertake a master’s degree in children’s social work.

In 2015, Becky joined Torbay Council to undertake her Assessed and Supported Year in Employment, at the time, Torbay Children’s Services was in intervention.

Cllr Darren Cowell, Deputy Leader, Torbay Council, said “There can be no doubt that Becky has been an integral part of the improvement journey within Children’s Services. Becky’s understanding, passion, and her relentless drive to work towards better outcomes for some of the most vulnerable children in Torbay makes her an outstanding finalist as a Rising Star.”

“For a talented member of Torbay Children’s Services to receive this recognition is a whole council success and it is with this whole council approach that we will continue to strive forward as a corporate parent.”

Cllr Cordelia Law, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Torbay Council, said “Becky’s dedication and natural aptitude make her not only a rising star of her local authority, but a future star of the children’s social care sector. Rising to the challenge of becoming our Head of Service in Regulated Services, Becky’s infectious authenticity ensures that our children are central to everything we do – naturally inspiring.”

Nancy Meehan, Director of Children’s Services, Torbay Council said “Becky meets personally with two of our Cared For Children every month, developing a really positive relationship that focuses on participation and consultation – listening to their views about improving the experiences of our Cared For Children.

“By developing their ideas alongside them, we now have a scheme whereby Cared For and Care Experienced young people and foster carers are nominated for an Act of Kindness or Celebrating Achievement Award and Letters of Thanks. Becky personally writes to the person nominated outlining the rationale for their nomination.”

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