Following a successful salvage operation to remove the sunken yacht from Torquay Harbour, we are pleased to say that part of Princess Pier will be reopening later today.

Interim repair works to provide safe access around the fire damaged zone to the steps down from the timber boardwalk onto the concrete end of Princess Pier are planned to start next week.

Following the completion of the interim works, most of the fire damaged zone will remain closed, including the ramped access to the concrete end of the pier.

We are currently seeking tenders from contractors to carry out the full repair works. It is expected works will start in September and be completed later in the autumn.

As part of the full repair works, the damaged ironwork will be restored.

The pollution response team, which has been on site since the incident at the end of May have now left the area, along with the crane barge and all other equipment required to complete the operation.

The vessel which is currently on a carry barge is expected to leave Torquay early next week.

The Environment Agency who were present throughout the lifting of the vessel, has carried out water testing and has confirmed any pollution risk is low.

We would like to reassure residents that all clean-up, repair, and salvage works are covered by insurance and will not impact on council budgets.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the salvage operation for their support and assistance.

We’d also like to thank residents for their ongoing patience and understanding whilst we work to repair and fully reopen Princess Pier.

Until all repair works are completed, please continue to take note of any information and signage that is issued by Tor Bay Harbour Authority.

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