We're starting our trial of hybrid meetings at the Planning Committee on Monday 9 May.

Registered speakers will be able to either attend the meeting in person to give their views or join in remotely via Zoom.

Speakers should also provide a copy of their speech to our governance team so that the clerk will be able to continue to read it if connection is lost.

Remote attendees who lose connection may still be able to follow the meeting via the live stream on our YouTube channel.

Cabinet agreed last month to a trial of the new meeting arrangements to give members of the public more opportunities to participate in decision making.

To speak on any applications, contact Governance Support on 01803 207087 or email governance.support@torbay.gov.uk before 11am on 9 May.

Speakers are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

View the agenda for Monday’s meeting, which starts at 5:30pm. Anyone who would like to attend in person should contact the team on the above number.

The meeting will be live streamed on our YouTube channel and a recording of the meeting will also appear on our website.

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