The annual seasonal restrictions on Torbay beaches come into effect from Sunday 1 May 2022, with a reminder for dog owners to ensure they are adhering to the rules in respect of dogs on beaches.

The restrictions apply from 1 May to 30 September, with dog owners advised to make sure they are fully aware of the rules before heading out with their dog to the beach.

During the restriction period it is important that dog owners adhere to the seasonal restrictions and ensure their dog is kept fully under control, and on a lead along the promenades next to those restricted beaches.

Restricting dogs on Torbay’s main beaches during the summer months enables residents and visitors to bathe safely and is a requirement for those beaches with Blue Flag status, as well as enabling Torbay to keep its ‘excellent water quality’ rating, issued by the Environment Agency.

Seasonal restrictions also come into effect on Torbay’s waters, as Tor Bay Harbour Authority put out the 5 knot marker buoys. The distinctive yellow buoys mark the speed limit zone to the beaches. The important safety feature protects beach users, swimmers, inflatables and kayaks from motorised vessels and personal watercraft such as jet skis.

Jet skis are becoming increasingly popular to explore Torbay’s 22 miles of stunning coastline. Prior to launching all jet skis must be registered with the Harbour Authority, accepting the Harbour Masters directions and declaration of adequate third-party insurance. In return, jet ski owners receive free safety advice and a local registration sticker to display on the craft. The current registration fee is £20.00.

Throughout the summer months, Torbay’s waters are patrolled and protected by ‘Oscar 4’, the Tor Bay Harbour Authority Beach Patrol boat. As well as enforcing speed limits, officers give valuable advice on how to stay safe on the water.

Cllr Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture for Torbay Council, said; “We want everyone to enjoy Torbay’s beaches and waters this summer. Our annual seasonal restrictions are in place not only to ensure the best quality water for beach users and swimmers but to ensure anyone using the water remains safe and knows their responsibilities. I’d encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with our water safety information.”

Beaches, where dogs are allowed all year round in Torbay, include Anstey’s Cove; Babbacombe Beach, Livermead Sands, Goodrington Sands North, Fairy Cove, Shoalstone Beach, Fishcombe Cove and Saltern Cove. Read the full list of beaches with and without restrictions. 

We would like to remind dog owners that ‘your dog is your responsibility' at all times and includes picking up after the dog and keeping dogs on leads when walking along a road or on a pavement. This helps prevent accidents, or a dog running away and becoming lost.

Dog owners who do not pick up after their dog and are seen by officers could receive a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice. Dog fouling issues can be reported on our dog fouling page, or by calling 01803 208025.

Get more information on enjoying Torbay’s waters safely.

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