Residents are reminded that this year there will be no changes to the waste and recycling collections in Torbay.

This year Christmas and boxing day fall on a weekend meaning collections will continue as usual on Monday 27 December 2021.

All recycling boxes, food waste bins, wheelie bins and seagull sacks should be presented in their usual spot on the regular day of collection.


Christmas time can result in an excess amount of cardboard, we would like to remind residents to please only present 2 excess flattened cardboard boxes per collection. This is for cardboard boxes that do not fit in your recycling box.

Although you will need to book an appointment first, excess cardboard can be brought to the recycling centre.

Wrapping paper

This year SWISCo will NOT be able to accept wrapping paper in recycling boxes as they are often made of mixed materials and can contain glitter and other embellishments. Wrapping paper should be disposed of in the wheeled bin or seagull sack.

If you use brown paper as an alternative, as long as there is no glitter, etc, it can be recycled in your box with your cardboard.

Christmas trees

For those with real trees, SWISCo will once again be running Christmas tree collections points at the Town Hall car park, Torquay and Brixham college, Ranscombe Road, Brixham between 9am and 2pm on:

  • Saturday 8 January 2022
  • Saturday 15 January 2022

All Christmas trees brought to the collection points will be composted. 

You can also bring your Christmas tree to the recycling centre, in Paignton. Please be sure to book an appointment first.

Household waste and recycling centre

The recycling centre is opening Monday to Saturday but will be closed on the following dates:

  • Saturday 25 December 2021
  • Saturday 1 January 2022

More information on opening times, charges, and how to book an appointment.

Top tips for recycling this Christmas

  • Christmas cards with glitter on are not recyclable so remember to tear off any glitter sections.
  • Flattened cardboard saves space! Please remove any plastic or polystyrene from packaging.
  • Need more room in your boxes? Squash your plastic bottles to create more space.

Christmas recycling checklist

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