Our third community conference will be taking place in November and this year it will have a focus on climate change - how we can work together to help make Torbay Carbon Neutral by 2030. 

The Torbay Climate Conversation will be the first of many conversations in the Bay that we want to have with our residents, local community and businesses about climate change and how we can all together reduce our carbon footprint.

The conversation, which is supported by the South West Energy Hub and is also part of the national COP26 programme of regional events, will be taking place on Tuesday 2nd November from 1 pm to 5 pm at South Devon College.

Climate Change experts from the University of Exeter will be there sharing the science around climate change, along with local community groups and businesses who will be showing how they are making changes in the areas of travel, open spaces and around food and waste minimisation. Those that attend will also have an opportunity to share their hopes and fears for the future and what support they feel they need to make the changes needed.

Leader of Torbay Council, Councillor Steve Darling, said: “Our previous community conferences have been invaluable to us, which is why we want to carry on having conversations with our residents and community to understand how working together we can help the Bay become carbon neutral.  We want to share our plans and hear from you and understand what support you need to help with the changes we all need to make. We know that tackling climate change is good for our environment, but it can also help us create new jobs, improve our health, save us money and help Torbay Thrive. 

“As well as being part of a number of round table discussions where you can share your thoughts you will also be able to pick up a number of simple and easy tips that you will be able to implement and start your journey to becoming carbon neutral.”  

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture, said: “We want to be open and transparent about decisions we make as a council and equally about how you can help with the future challenges we face. We want to celebrate the good work that has been taking place across Torbay and to listen to your views on what is working and what could be improved in the area of Climate Change. We also want to find the best ways of working together so our local communities can thrive.” 

If you would like to attend the conference, please visit Eventbrite to register your interest. There will be limited places. 

The conference follows the report published by Devon Climate Emergency and their recently held independent Devon Climate Assembly, which revealed the three controversial climate change resolutions the attendees at the assembly feel the need to focus on. These were retrofitting homes; the role of onshore wind; and decarbonising transport. 

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