TDA and Torbay Council note the statement from K&H Carriages setting out that their horses will be removed from Cockington Court. Torbay Council and TDA recognise the heritage and tradition the horses bring to the site. Since May, we have made sustained efforts working with K&H Carriages and Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust to find a solution in this ongoing dispute over winter grazing.

TDA commissioned an independent land agent assessment of the grazing which concluded that, whilst not ideal, the current winter grazing fields are workable. In addition, TDA has carried out searches for alternative grazing sites both in 2018 and again this year. However, a solution has not been found that has been acceptable to the current operators.

As the Council’s appointed operators of Cockington Court, TDA has continually supported K&H Carriages since they based their business at the site. In recognition of the heritage benefits that the horses bring to the site, TDA offered a peppercorn rent at the start of the lease, which was offered for an extended period. In addition, Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust (TCCT) offered a discounted rent on the winter grazing fields.

K&H carriages have been offered business support and advice from TDA Business Advisors; the business advice offer was not accepted. In further support of the business, TDA also supported K&H Carriages with their request to run their Purple Poppy Appeal from Cockington Court.

Over recent weeks TDA and Council representatives have met with K&H Carriages with the aim and hope that a solution could be found and have recently proposed a change in the operating requirements to resolve the winter grazing issues. While it has not been possible to reach a solution, we are deeply saddened to see K&H Carriages remove their horses and we continue to recognise the heritage and will continue to work to protect this tradition.

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