Do you want to help bring colour to Torbay and create a buzz for everyone?

Thanks to our partnership with SWISCo and Groundwork South, and seeds supplied by Taylor Rigby, local community groups can now apply for a ‘Pollinator Patch Kit’ to help create a patchwork of flowerbeds, planters, pots and plots in community spaces, to provide nectar rich flowers for pollinators such as bees.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture for Torbay Council, said: “The Pollinator Patch Scheme is a great opportunity for local people to get involved in green and open spaces in their local area and help enhance Torbay’s Naturally Inspiring local environment.

“It’s the latest in a series of projects in the Bay aimed at helping the environment, tackling climate change and encouraging more community involvement in parks and open spaces. In the near future, we will also be launching a new community ‘Tree Warden’ scheme so watch this space for details.

“Along with more tree planting and ongoing works to improve our parks, creating more urban flower meadows is one of the ways we are working with the community to improve the local area and make it more sustainable for the future – so why not contact Groundwork South and sign up for your Pollinator Patch.”

Davina Luther, Engagement Manager for Groundwork South, said: “We are really excited to be a part of the scheme and will be on hand to help you develop your Pollinator Patch - have you already thought of a green space where you’d like to grow a Pollinator Patch?

“Please do get in touch with us here at Groundwork South. We will also providing a training event to support all those taking part.”

How to take part

There are five Pollinator Patch kits available for each ward in Torbay. Each kit includes a pack of urban pollinator seed mix, ‘How to’ guides to help you establish and care for the patch and links to activities and citizen science initiatives that anyone in the community can get involved with.

The aim of the scheme is to help make our communities more pollinator friendly and so your chosen patch should be somewhere that can be accessible by the whole community, such as a park or community garden.

For details and to check your patch is eligible for the scheme, call Groundwork South on 07803 452803 or email

Once you’ve arranged this, you will need to collect your Pollinator Patch kit from Great Parks Community Centre, adjacent to Westerland Valley. More details will be given nearer the time.

Find out more information about Torbay’s parks and open spaces.

Benefits of urban flower meadows

  • providing bees with food sources across the seasons
  • enhancing the natural beauty of Torbay
  • providing a talking point for local people and visitors
  • providing food for insects in the form of leaves, nectar and pollen, shelter and places to breed
  • insects pollinate the wildflowers to enable them to develop seeds and spread to grow in other places
  • many of our favourite fruits, vegetables and nuts rely on insect pollination, for example strawberries, raspberries and cherries

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