Torbay Council would like to hear the views of their residents on the proposals to extend the Public Space Protection Orders for dog fouling and amending the orders for drinking alcohol in the streets of town centres.

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is a positive way to help prevent anti-social behaviour. It can provide an effective response to some of the issues that residents and businesses face on a daily basis.

The PSPO for dog fouling will cover the whole of Torbay and will mean that someone could receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of up to £100 if they fail to pick up after their dog immediately after they have fouled on public land.

Being a responsible dog owner means having sight of their dog at all times, being aware of what it is doing and always carrying enough poo bags to be able to pick up after the dog, as many times as is necessary. Forgetting to take bags is not an excuse and if bags are forgotten on a dog walk and the owner is then unable to pick up after their dog, the owner will be in breach of the PSPO and may receive an FPN.

The council are also consulting on amending the PSPO around alcohol being consumed in the streets, green spaces and beaches of certain designated areas in all three towns. The proposal is to amend the PSPO so that alcohol can be drunk, but responsibly. If someone’s behaviour is deemed as inappropriate and results in anti-social behaviour, nuisance or disorder then an authorised person or the Police can inform them of the PSPO and ask them to stop drinking. If they refuse to stop, dispose of their alcohol or to hand over any containers of alcohol (sealed or unsealed) they will be served with an FPN of up to £100.

Councillor Christine Carter, Cabinet Lead for Corporate and Community Services, said: “Having these Public Space Protection Orders are a great tool for us to use when managing anti-social behaviour across the Bay. We do not wish to stop people enjoying our open spaces though, we just want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy those spaces safely and in peace.

“I would really urge you to take a look at the information about these orders and complete the survey as this will give you the opportunity to let us know where you feel there are issues around the nuisance of dog fouling and anti-social behaviour around the consumption of alcohol in the streets of our Town Centres.”

This PSPO for dog fouling will apply to all land and places the public has access to within the Torbay Council area, for example roads, pavements, public footpaths, alleyways, grass verges, beaches and parks including woodland. It will also apply to all areas of land or woodland managed by Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust. 

The consultation on these two PSPO’s is now open and will close on Wednesday 25 March 2021. More information on the orders, to see the maps for the Alcohol Restriction Zones and to complete the consultations visit:

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