Building safer communities and working with partners to tackle crime to keep Torbay’s residents safe is a key priority for us.

We own 164 cameras located across Torbay in town centres and car parks, all of which play a huge part in tackling crime and keeping the public safe.

During the last 6-months of 2020, Torbay’s CCTV team worked with local policing and security teams and members of the community to successfully identify and address criminal behaviour.

CCTV highlights

Working in partnership with the local community to address Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) at Beacon Cove, Torquay. Together with funding provided by the local community, a new CCTV camera and entry gate was installed and security patrols implemented. As a result of the action taken, ASB dropped dramatically, reducing the number of ASB complaints made by local residents.

CCTV operator observed a male who was acting suspiciously with a plastic bag which contained a large block of brown substance. The male was then seen handing out wraps of whatever the substance was. The police were contacted and directed to the male who was arrested for the possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply. The drugs seized had a street value of £15,000.

A vehicle was observed where it was believed the driver and occupants were taking drugs. The police were contacted, who arrived at the scene to speak with the occupants. It soon became apparent that illegal substances had been consumed. Three males were detained and the driver undertook a Roadside Drugs Test. The test came back as positive, the driver was then arrested for providing a positive drugs test at the roadside.

CCTV operatives remain ever vigilant to suspicious behaviour and regularly assist the police and Security Teams with the recovery of stolen items whether that be bikes or goods and merchandise from local shops.

Cllr Christine Carter, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Community Services, Torbay Council, said; “CCTV is designed to help prevent and detect crime and reassure the public about community safety, as well as promote economic wellbeing. Our CCTV team have a fantastic relationship with local partners and this is clearly demonstrated in a number of successful outcomes”.

Since 2017 we have invested £400k into new and updated CCTV technology, with the funding coming from grants and capital borrowing. This has resulted in us owning most of its infrastructure, which in turn has significantly reduced its revenue costs, which has in turn paid for the capital borrowing costs.

In the last 12-month our CCTV team has dealt with more than 5,200 incidents ranging from; missing persons, concern for welfare, drink driving, road traffic collisions, robbery and recall to prison.

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