We are aware of some confusion about free school meals during national lockdown restrictions. Some pupils can receive free school meals under government policy during lockdown and these are provided by the schools. We want to continue to ensure support for those who need it most.

  • Pupils not attending school due to lockdown restrictions and who receive benefits related free school meals can receive free school meals in the form of vouchers or food parcels from their school. Each school determines whether it provides food parcels or vouchers. Parents or carers should contact their child’s school directly if they believe their child is eligible.
  • Pupils currently attending school and who normally receive free schools meals continue to do so during lockdown restrictions.
  • The winter grant fund, which provided eligible children and their families with vouchers over the festive holiday is different and with more complex eligibility criteria. Only parents or carers whose child was eligible received a letter from us. This letter does not determine your eligibility to receive the current free schools being provided during lockdown. We intend to provide vouchers again for the February half term.

We do understand this is complicated and hope this explanation helps to clarify the two schemes. The Torbay Food Alliance remains in place if you are in need of support.  

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