Anyone can find themselves homeless and knowing you may not have somewhere to live can be a scary time.

The first step is to ask for help and Torbay Council’s website has lots of information and contact details of charities and organisations that can support you in working out the next best steps.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to pay your rent or mortgage, or have found yourself living with family or friends, there is help out there.

You may have found yourself in a situation where your relationship with your family has broken down and you have had to leave, or your Landlord has served you with an eviction notice, the sooner you ask for help the better.

Councillor Christine Carter, Cabinet Member for Corporate and Community Services, said: “We know asking for help is hard, and for some talking about their finances can make it even harder. If you find yourself in a situation where you may lose your home please talk to friends and family and take a look at our website. There are a number of people and organisations out there that can help you. The sooner you ask for support the better.

“I also ask family, friends or anyone who works for an organisation who hears from people who could find themselves in this situation to take a look at our web pages too. In this scary and upsetting situation any support you can give will be a great help to them.”

To see what support there is and who can provide you with advice visit:

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