New toilets in Torbay have been vandalised less than a day after they opened.

The new beach hut style public toilets at Preston Green, were vandalised, causing around £200 damage.

The new toilets, which are part of a £2 million investment in our public toilets, working with Healthmatic, also include a defribrillator to support emergency service response times, working in partnership with the Beach Hut Users Group and local NHS.

As well as the new facilities, we have been reopening most of our public toilets following the recent shutdown, though each site had to go through an individual risk assessment for reopening and more regular cleaning.

Councillor Mike Morey, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Environment and Culture said: “While we are really pleased to have been able to open these new toilets at Preston Green, we are very disappointed that someone has vandalised them already – these are a facility for the local community and it will now cost more to repair them.

“We are in the process of reopening our public toilets across Torbay following the recent shutdown and most are now open but this is another setback we could all well do without.”

Across open sites, additional cleaning regimes and frequencies are in place, and users are asked to adhere to the guidance with regards to social distancing and hygiene, both before and after using the facilities.

Lymington Road facilities remain closed whilst the car park continues to be used as a coronavirus mobile testing site.

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