• Join Torbay’s fostering family, which local foster carers describe as a ‘gift’ and a ‘privilege’
  • It’s Foster Care Fortnight (a national Fostering Network campaign) and Torbay’s looked after children need you to provide a loving home
  • The Council’s fostering team are still here to support and guide you through the process over the phone and email despite the COVID-19 shutdown

It’s Foster Care Fortnight (11 to 24 May 2020) and while this year it will be unlike any other with the current COVID-19 shutdown, if you’re interested in fostering we need you more than ever here in Torbay.

We recently asked a group of local foster carers what they thought the best part of fostering is and they said fostering is a 'privilege' and a 'gift' - they say that when you decide to foster in Torbay you become part of a community with other local foster carers.

So we’re asking you to join the family. With peer support groups, friendships with other foster carers, support from Torbay’s Fostering team, child psychologists and more – you’re never on your own when you join Torbay’s Fostering family.

We have also recently agreed to improve its offer to local foster carers, with the weekly fee going up to £538 per week depending on the experience of the foster carer, and the age of the child you are supporting. We will also be putting in place more training and support for foster carers including access to trauma informed training and specialist therapeutic care.

We are also introducing a new Resilience Fostering service, a direct alternative placement option for those children who are at risk of being placed in, or are currently in residential care. This will come with an enhanced fee rate of £1000 per week. 

Councillor Cordelia Law, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services for Torbay Council said: “While we usually celebrate Foster Care Fortnight with a range of drop in and face to face public events, clearly we can’t do that this year due to the shutdown, but our fostering team are still very much here to support you through the process, at the end of the phone or email.

“If you are interested in fostering please do get in touch with Torbay Council, our fostering service is very much open for business.”

Nancy Meehan, Director of Children’s Services for Torbay Council said: “There are currently 367 looked after children in Torbay and 79 fostering households – the country may be on lockdown but we still need good homes for local children.

“So what are you waiting for - as our local foster carers say, when you start fostering in Torbay, you become part of a much bigger family of foster carers, and as we are increasing financial support for local foster carers, there has never been a better time.

“So call our fostering team on 01803 207845 or email fostering@torbay.gov.uk

You can also find out more on our Fostering web pages

What’s the best part of being a foster carer?

Earlier in the year we met with a group of local foster carers to ask what they thought was the best part of being a foster carer in Torbay. Here’s what they said:

  • “You get to meet amazing people – foster carers, social workers, children, families etc”
  • “You are not isolated – you’re part of a team and support is available.”
  • “Incentives include the support from the local fostering community.”
  • “It’s a privilege to be part of these kids’ lives and watch them grow”
  • “It’s a gift”

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