The Cabinet has voted in favour of introducing a new visual identity for Torbay Council to bring it into the digital age.

Here’s some more information about it:

What is a visual identity?

Our visual identity is an important aspect of the council’s brand. The logo is just one element of our visual identity and its primary purpose is to show our involvement as a council. In addition to the logo, we have also updated our colour palette and font to meet current legibility guidelines, and have developed a unified approach to the use of icons, illustration, photography, layouts and data visualisation.

Why have you changed the logo?

When the current logo was created more than 20 years ago, the internet was still relatively new. Today, more and more of our communications are digital, meaning the current logo is either too small to be readable or takes up too much space.

How much has it cost?

No additional resources were spent on the update, as it is part of a wider ongoing accessibility project driven by new website legislation. We are building on this work, by making sure all our materials – both printed and digital - are as accessible as possible, using guidelines from the RNIB, dyslexia association and the UK association for Accessible Formats to determine both layout, text and colour combinations.

What about the cost of updating it?

No additional cost will be spent on changing items, as they will only be updated when they need to be replaced.

Why has the logo been simplified?

We have used a timeless design which doesn’t use additional graphics that may become dated. Although the waves on the current logo have been removed.

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