After listening to your views it has been confirmed that no new town councils will be set up in Torbay.

On 14 January 2019 we launched a Community Governance Review to consider if any changes should be made to our existing arrangements, including whether new parish/town councils should be created in areas that currently don’t have them.

After considering the responses from the consultations, at a meeting on 9 January 2020 the Council agreed unanimously to accept the recommendations of the Cabinet that there shall be no changes to the existing community governance arrangements in Torbay and specifically:

  1. that no new parishes (town councils) be constituted in the area under review;
  2. that no existing parishes in the area under review be abolished and that the name and area of Brixham parish and the electoral arrangements of Brixham Town Council remain unaltered;  and
  3. that unless the community strongly calls for the establishment of further town councils, there shall be no further community governance reviews during this term of office.

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